Valentine’s Day between the Cinque Terre and Portovenere: An Unforgettable Romantic Experience

Celebrate love in a breathtaking setting with our romantic tour for Valentine's Day between the Cinque Terre and Portovenere. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of these coastal gems as your love and the beauty of nature blend into an unforgettable experience. RIOMAGGIORE - VIA DELL'AMORE The first village of the Cinque Terre welcomes you with its colorful streets and maritime charm. Enjoy a romantic stroll through the cobblestone alleys and capture the romantic energy of this unique place. Embrace each other along the famous Via dell'Amore, connecting Riomaggiore to Manarola. This easy stretch offers spectacular views and is the [...]

Winter Experiences in La Spezia

If you're planning a winter cruise ora a trip to La Spezia, you have the opportunity to explore not only the picturesque maritime landscapes but also the fascinating destinations of the hinterland. Thanks to the car driver service offered by ITmoving, your journey will become a stress-free experience, allowing you to fully enjoy everything this region has to offer. La Spezia is a port city located in Liguria, Italy, and is a significant tourist hub due to its proximity to the UNESCO-listed Cinque Terre, also known as the Gulf of Poets, stretching from Lerici to Portovenere. Moreover, La Spezia is [...]
Festa del Mare - La Spezia

Festa del Mare and Palio del Golfo: A Weekend of Celebration in La Spezia

The Festa del Mare (Festival of the Sea) in La Spezia, which takes place every weekend of the first Sunday of August, is not the only exciting event on this special day. La Spezia also hosts the Palio del Golfo, a unique maritime competition that adds even more excitement to the festivities. In this article, we will explore the irresistible combination of these two celebrations - the Festa del Mare and the Palio del Golfo - inviting visitors to join this double event and enjoy the magical atmosphere that takes over the city during this occasion. Night Parade of the [...]

The Lemon Festival in Monterosso

Limoncino of Monterosso The Lemon Festival of Monterosso The Lemon Festival of Monterosso is an annual event held in the coastal town of Cinque Terre in Liguria. The festival celebrates local lemons and features performances, food and drink tastings, and much more. If you wish to attend this wonderful event, you can easily do so by booking our private driver service. The Lemon Festival is held every year in May (this year it will be May 20th) and is one of the most anticipated events of the year for residents and visitors of Cinque Terre. During the event, the town [...]

ITmoving – Car driver service in La Spezia

If you’re planning a tript o the beautiful Liguria and Tuscany regions, you need a reliable and professional transportation service to explore the most beautiful and hidden places in the area. Our car driver company in La Spezia is the suitable solution for you: we offer a high-quality private transportation service, tailored to your needs and desires, to ensure an unforgettable and comfortable experience.

Short trip to the moon: the quarries of white Carrara marble

The artists' quarry Among the Carrara marble quarries, that of Torano is the forbidden dream of every artist. The marble that is extracted from it is in fact particularly suitable for modeling, and this characteristic makes it a valuable material for the sculptors. The first marble extraction from this quarry is said to date back to the 4th century BC: fragments of marble of Carrara have been found in the necropolis of Luna, a Roman colony that dates back to this period. Since the age of Julius Caesar, the Romans intensified extraction in response to the great pompousness of Rome, [...]


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